May Day, Workers Day- Migrants and Refugees Welcome Here

Join Socialist Aotearoa and the Red Bloc this Mayday
5.30 pm, Britomart, Friday May 1st.

Higher wages, lower prices
We won't pay for their Crisis-

Let the Bosses Take the Losses.

International Solidarity-
Freedom for Palestine,
Freedom for Tamil Eelam.

No Borders, No Frontiers,
Migrants, Refugees welcome here.

Unemployment and inflation, are not caused by immigration-
Bullshit- come off it! The enemy is profit!

Oh, anti, anti capitalista-
overthrow the system,
revolution socialista.


Warwick Taylor said…
Solidarity with you from Wellington, comrades. I'm going to the Unite launch of the $15 ph minimum wage Citizens-Initiated Referendum petition.

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