Labour are celebrating? They've done virtually nothing but the boss is hapu!

Jan 2018 is coming to and end, which will be 84 days after Labour and the Greens and NZF got married. Haven't we all being patient?

With all of their hullaballoo of pre-election promises of “I’ma gunnah” do this, “We gunnah” do that ….the opposition & competing parties were in hyper-drive with coming up with counter offers to the NZ public with bullshit commitments to build 200,000 Houses! More roads of “Significance”, “Lower Taxes” or trying out a bit of comedy with; how the poor are better off being less poor! And slogans of how ‘Hard Working’ NZ’ers are much better off, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah!
Thank fuck, ‘we’ didn't buy it this time around …. But? What did we get?

Well we didn't get to see these two return to parliament.
Mana-Maori party marriage was more like a “fling”, a marriage of convenience or, could it have been an “arranged” marriage?
The Maori party's divorce papers hadn’t yet come through from the Nat’s but they went ahead and hooked up with Hone! Aue! Another three way!
As for the Greens & NZF. They were having to fight for their survival as their pockets were getting picked by their potential suitor party(s) in the next Government.

The new Labour Government got to have first pick due to an old mange dog named Winston Peters. He savoured the moment for a few short weeks before announcing his choice to form a government with which was Labour who then brought along the Greens to make up the numbers.

Then they all managed to make it to December without any major drama’s domestic or internationally. The Christmas holiday break had come & they went to ground.
A “run for cover” I think you could call it. Regroup to figure out what to do now, now that they are in government after 9 long years sitting on the opposition benches. Maybe the reality is sinking in? The ‘shock’ that they’ll have to do some work instead of throwing eggs!?

So what's changed? Nothing!
We still have a Housing Crisis! Oh no that's fallen off the radar!
People are ‘still’ Homeless and ‘if’ they’re not living in their cars or sleeping on a park bench. They’re racking up a massive debt living in flea infested motels costing $140,000.00 per day! Also getting harassed by case managers from WINZ to find accommodation and a job!
The MSD/WINZ Ceo has still got a job! FFS!
I don't think much of Camel suckit-u- pollonie. She said when questioned about this in early December that she, “will take direction from her senior managers ….”WTF!
It's a simple fix. Sack the prick & don't hire anymore parasitic pricks from any of the christian organisations! Methodists, Presbyterians, and other churchie fucks.

What else? Oooh ooh! Phil the “Son of a Gun” Twyfords slogan pre-election was, “I’ma gunnah Build 100,000 Houses! 10,000 per year over 10 years!
Now this was an ‘un-committed’ pre-election build number, which now turns out to be 2000 State houses & let the private sector housing market take care of the rest. Now, with a revised projected forecast of no more than 8500 houses built in the first year and then we'll see? This figure includes the 2000 state houses! Also, he’s responsible for Transport and shovelling his mate Auckland Mayor Phil Goff bucket loads of money via AT & other roading projects.

Oooh ooh! Beneficiaries will get an increase in their “Accommodation” supplement! Whoop de doo!
Currently, if you are lucky you might be able to get $125.00/wk which is the maximum based on which region you live in.
Average rent nationally is $470/wk. However, if you’re on a benefit, you are automatically placed at the back of the queue because renting from the private sector has now become a sport. Its a bidding “War.”
Migrants and especially the group of migrant students that the Migrant Student Association are supporting. The Labour party minister & associates have gone quiet, paying lip service and doing fuck all else. Time for a kicking I reckon comrades!

Arrh what else? Parental Leave!
Who gets Hapu!
Call me a cynic but for fuck sake! I did write on our SA facebook page back in Nov/December that “Little Ms Colgate” will get hapu mid-term and have a baby which will win Labour a second term. I guess Clarke & Jacinda couldn't wait that long! So now, every time the shit is about to hit the fan, guess what's going to happen? Little bubba pickies!
Will there ever be any politics happening in NZ in the near or foreseeable future?

NZF’s “ Jonesy!” Fuck! He’s spent the one billion dollar Regional Investment Fund 2.8 times already!
Well we all know how responsible he is with the “company” credit card aye?

The Greens.
The poor widdle greenies! Well, they don't like darkies & the kids snuck off with keys to the car and crashed it a few times. Chloe moaning how difficult it is to decide how to spend her $160k salary and the other new MP Golriz, gets caught out trying to trade a new national holiday for support to legislation for ‘waka’ jumping the green party has already agreed to.
They’re in the shit by moving from the left, to now where its fuck’n crowded in/on the centre right of the political spectrum which is where all of the political parties are in, in parliament. 2020 isn’t looking good for the Greens.
The left side of the spectrum is like open ‘space’. Vacuous, a void, barren, nothingness!
What a fuck’n disgrace!

Why has NZ got into this mess? Bryan Bruce’s video, “Who owns NZ Now” raises some serious concerns.
There’s articles galore are coming out regularly about NZ’s richest including NZ’s richest man increasing his wealth by two billion dollars and on the next page, a beneficiary getting declined for a food grant for fuck sake!
Also in today's Herald, oxfams’ article stating the wealthy 1% in NZ own 28% of the country’s wealth. The trickle up theory isn't a theory.

Who gets subsidised in NZ? NZ business owners & corporates, international & home grown. These subsidies are huge. 2016/2017 June/July NZ Government Appropriations. More than $11b in subsidies going to multinational corporations as well as local businesses, such as for eg; Training providers (Pte’s) to WINZ for beneficiaries; $732m for this period alone! Oh no! Don't give it to the beneficiary who is liable for the debt created by this ‘subsidy’, give it to the PTE!

Once the course is finished, you're outta there! Its your fault if you cant find a job! You didn’t LOOK hard enough! Back on the Bene & getting sanctioned and harassed by your friendly understanding case manager(s).

Poor farmers! Fuck me! Don't buy another $500k tractor you fuck!
My favourite one is the $2.3b subsidy to build the Ultra fast Broadband network for your favourite internet provider, who then bills you every month to use the network infrastructure that you paid for, for them to use! It was originally only going to cost NZ taxpayers $1.8bn but the contractors, Leyton’s, Fletchers ect …. Paid Out $600m to their shareholders in the first year and went back to the government minister and said that they didn't have enough funds to continue with the work so he gave them another $700m to carry on!
The list of parasites is long but, you can guess how the richest 1% in NZ gets to own nearly 30% of the countries wealth.

Giddy up! 2018 has started & we’re still catching up on the last governments 9 years of misguided neoliberalism and mismanagement. Is this Labour Government any different? So far, same shit, just a different day.

Denny SA