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A Rally Against Anti-Semitism in the Heart of Auckland

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.
A mindless beast shook itself awake last night, and committed an act of savagery in our city. The beautiful old Jewish Cemetery, a holy place, and a precious historic landmark was desecrated by one or more Neo-Nazis in one of the worst acts of Anti-Semitism we have seen in decades. More than a dozen headstones were spray-painted with black swastikas and messages condemning the State of Israel. But in addition, another less-familiar coded symbol, 88, with specific significance to Neo-Nazis was used, hailing Adolf Hitler, the mass-murdering Dictator responsible for millions of deaths during the Holocaust.


The Night that Hone was Arrested

Friday just past midnight, 12 October, 2012, and for Auckland, the most you can say about the weather is, there's no wind, thank God. You park in an industrial area on the fringe. You have no idea really where you are, though eventually, these places will become familiar. There is nothing to see at first, just a big white blob high off the ground in the distance. You squint, then you recognise it; another bloody house is being 'jacked in GI.
It's a bit of a walk to the main event. It's like going to the circus really, minus the crowds. It all happens in a big open field, and there, in the middle of all that prairie grass, somebody has put up a big attraction. As soon as you see it, even from far away, you feel a twinge of fear and excitement. You wouldn't miss this for the world.
You walk a little faster, but there's no hurry. There are cops on the corner, and they aren't there to take your ticket. Red and blue lights create a festive atmosphere. …

O15 2012- Belltower occupied by students fighting fees

October 15th 2012- One year after Occupy Auckland begins, Auckland's Clocktower is occupied.  We Are the University activist Stacey Henderson writes-

"Today the University of Auckland Council held a "public" fee setting meeting in the Clocktower. The clock tower was completely locked down and students locked out of this "democratic" process. After being promised the opportunity to view the meeting via live stream. Students met at 3pm for a rally outside the VCs office before heading over to the meeting together, over one hundred students in attendance. This was the second protest as part of the campaign 'Fight the Fees' following a street party held last Thursday.

Through the strategic use of fire alarms students managed to evade security and make it into the building. Some members of security handled the students quite violently. 30 of the students remained barricaded in the staff room for nearly two hours as the rest of the protestor…

Open Invitation to Party at UoA

Austerity is full of shit. It would cost less than $1 billion to fully fund course fees in NZ Universities. That’s half the amount the government has given since 2010 in tax cuts to the richest 10% of New Zealanders. The Vice-Chancellor is getting paid $800,000, while 15% of students aren’t able to afford basic accommodation, food and clothing requirements.
We are sick of this mindless politics of austerity, which makes education into a privilege for the rich or puts students and families into a lifetime of debt. We are sick of the University’s profit-driven and market-oriented agenda, which is rapidly eroding its ability to function as the ‘critic and conscience of society’, and as an open space for expression of dissent.
Enough is enough. Meet Wednesday 10th October, 2pm in the quad.

Lecturers Spoken word
Anthony Drent and the blood of the innocent HDSPNS
Beach Pigs
Street ART!
Coconut shy!
Food Stalls
Open forum on 'what to do next'?
Trip to see if the VC is in.

Live T…

The Spirit of Seattle and the TPPA- Shut em down- shut em, shut em down!

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement summit is coming to Auckland.

Aotearoa is Not for Sale has called for direct action protests to shut the conference down on December 8th.

In the lead up to D8, Socialist Aotearoa host a screening of the film "The Battle of Seattle", and a forum on the tactics used there that successfully derailed the World Trade Organisation's agenda.

 Can we see the same here?

Come to the screening-
7pm Thursday October 11th at Unite Union
6a Western Springs Road, Morningside.

Free Pussy Riot!

Pussy Riot. Whether you've heard the name said by news anchors struggling to maintain professionalism whilst saying the word 'pussy', or whether you have heard it chanted in solidarity - the name has been on many lips. Throughout history men and women have been locked away or severely punished for speaking or working against their government. Pussy Riot are the latest in a long line of strong men and women who have been made to pay a harsh price for airing their political views. The feminist punk band were sentenced to two years in jail in August (2012) for speaking out against President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

 On Thursday the 4th of October a number of students, led and organised by Cate Bell, staged a protest in the University of Auckland Quad. The protest involved a number of students sitting inside a cage as a symbol of Pussy Riot's imprisonment, whilst the other students spent the day encouraging fellow students to write and sign letters of protest to both the…

Councillor Casey in solidarity with MUNZ

Scottish socialist and Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey speaks out in solidarity with the Wharfies of Auckland Port.  She'd make a better candidate for mayor than that scab Len Brown.