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What do we mean by Revolution?

One Solution, Revolution!

Socialist Aotearoa is a revolutionary, socialist, anti capitalist group. We fight for socialism from below, system change not climate change, and Rosa Luxemburg's battle cry that "Revolutionaries are those who fight the hardest for reforms in the here and now!".
Workers of the World, Unite. Socialist Aotearoa is an international socialist group. We oppose all imperialist wars and occupations, and support all genuine national liberation struggles for independence. We demand the immediate withdrawal of New Zealand colonial troops from Afghanistan and the Pacific. We support the struggle for Tino Rangatiratanga and self determination for Maori in Aotearoa, fully aware of the bloody history of the New Zealand state's past and the dispossession of Maori today. We welcome refugees and immigrants to Aotearoa, and fight against racism wherever we find it.

Equality for all.

We oppose all oppressions based on race, gender, sexuality and r…

Phase Two: The Evictions begin in Glen Innes.

Housing New Zealand eviction underway in 72 Pilkington Road, Panmure. Mum recently died, daughter being forced out. RUTHLESS TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Big in Japan

From a Japanese farmers' newspaper, 'Our writer wrote the story of the following, "The protest activities of the TPPA contrary have spread not only in Japan but in New Zealand. On the outskirts of a conference hall in Auckland, the demonstration of the large-scale civic organizations was held." Your photograph greatly encouraged our readers (farmers) who opposes TPPA introduction in Japan.'

2012 - A street fighting year

2012 is the year that should go down in history as the year the radical left helped hold the National Government's neo-liberal agenda at bay on the streets of Aotearoa.

National was re-elected in November 2011 with an increased majority pledging to begin asset sales, cut workers' rights and sell off state housing. By early January employers were taking the initiative and seeking to break the meat workers' union in sheds across the country. As January went so did the rest of the year. If it was not one union being attacked it was another, if it wasn't one Ministry announcing cuts to funding or benefits it was another. 
So National might have expected 2012 to be a cakewalk but in the end almost every major policy battle has seen them left with a bloody nose. 2012 showed that when you fight, you can win. The lesson is that what parliament does, the streets can undo. The radical left, the Mana Movement, the activist trade unions and Socialist Aotearoa all helped play an i…

Responsibility lies with Police for violence at Auckland TPPA demonstration

Cops going for the Jugular at #D8
by Sian Robertson, Socialist Aotearoa

“John Key you've got mail, Aotearoa is not for sale!”, “when people's rights are under attack, stand up fight back!” and “TPPA, NO WAY!” - The air was electric with indignation and the deafening roar of a crowd united against a single threat, what is becoming more and more obviously a bill of rights for multi-national corporations and a takeover of working people's sovereignty., as over Five hundred protesters marched to Federal St outside Sky City in Auckland on Saturday afternoon to present a 750,000-strong international petition against the TPPA.

 The TPPA is a voracious Trojan Horse of a 'trade agreement', whose real objective is the breaking down of people's power to regulate their own economies. Not only the people of countries party to the Agreement, but also the domino affect on those economies that will suffer from having to compete with the depressed wages of TPPA countries. Th…

#D8- Police have The Monopoly of Violence

The Mainstream media were not even at the TPPA protests, until the Police waded into protesters and ran amok.  Here is the answer to the Police/Media beat up story that TPPA protesters were violent- right from the first punch thrown by a security guard into the face of a young woman, to the assault on protesters sitting in the park after the demonstration had finished.
(Why bring a livestreamer from the other side of the world? This is why! Stop whatever you are doing right now and watch this beautifully edited 12 minute @OccupyEye #TPPA roundup from Occupy Eye. Nate - you have done us and Occupy Wall Street supporters worldwide proud with your coverage here. Thank you so much for your solidarity! This video is exceptional.)

"Like GI in the Sunshine"- Police Thuggery at #D8 #TPPA protests.

‎"Like GI in the sunshine" - how one older tenant described the Police thuggery today at #D8 #ANFS #TPPA protests
Police attack protesters after the demonstration against the TPPA. 

Protesters were boisterous and  passionate about the TPPA Corporate takeover of Aotearoa. 
After the Conference declined to accept the Petition against the TPPA, people demand to be let in to observe just what is being negotiated in secret behind Skycity's  closed doors.
Police and Private Security begin to push and punch protesters at the front.  One woman is punched in the face by a security guard, and police look on.

Masked revolutionary V and Grumpy Cat make their feeling heard.

Prime Minister John Key told the people of NZ to ignore the protests.  Tonight, they are lead item on all news channels.  Thousands are now asking why the TPPA is being held in secret, and why people are so passionate about shutting it down.  John Key, Epic Fail.

JOHN MINTO from the Mana Movement has issued a  statement a…

One Trade Agreement to Bind Them...

The Evil forces of Multinational Mordor gather at the Tower of the Sky. Now is the time for all good working Dwarves, environmentalist Elves and honest Hobbits to take swords and shields in hand, and Unite the Fellowship to defend Middle Earth against the darkening hordes of the TPPA. THEY SHALL NOT PASS!

JOIN THE MIDDLE EARTH BLOC AGAINST THE TPPA. Let the Fellowship gather at 2pm  Saturday December 8th, Aotea Square.

"endorsed by the High Council of the Fellowship, the Elven Environmental Alliance, the Dwarven Methrylworkers Union and Hobbits First."- :)

join and share the facebook event HERE