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PROTEST SPEAKER OF ISRAELI KNESSET WHO ADMITS TO ETHNIC CLEANING OF PALESTINEOn Sunday Palestinian Human Rights activists will demonstrate in Auckland against the presence of the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset (parliament). The protest will be outside the Greys Avenue synagogue from 6.30pm.The Auckland Jewish Council and the Zionist Federation of NZ are hosting an evening with Reuven“Rubi” Rivlin, Speaker of the Israeli Knesset. He is one of the most powerful politicians in Israel and a friend of even the most fanatical members of the illegal settlement enterprise.When visiting Paris in October last year he spoke about the Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land and told his French counterpart that the Palestinians thought they did not have to make an effort in peace talks. He said, “Hundreds of thousands of Israelis live in the settlements, and they are not an obstacle to peace” adding “when the Palestinians realise that it is in their interest, there will be pe…

Tariq Ali lectures see unprecedented crowds at Auckland University

Tariq Ali came to town last week and gave a series of lectures on the Arab revolutions, US power and the rise of China.

Ali, a lifelong anti-imperialist activist, novelist and socialist, drew massive crowds -unprecedented in the history of the University of Auckland. 2000 or more turned out to each of his lectures. You can see videos of each of his three talks here.

Socialist Aotearoa held stalls outside each of the lectures and supported the TEU pickets against the University Vice-Chancellor as part of their campaign of action in defence of their work conditions. We dished out 600 copies of a Tariq Ali special anti-capitalist and sold over 100 pamphlets mostly our very popular, Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa.

Not-So Revolutionary Egypt

Most people will know that the 25th of January marked the day when Egypt sought the freedoms and liberties that its people had long yearned for. Protests starting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square quickly radiated throughout all of Egypt, revolutionary discourse having spread from the Tunisian Revolution nearby. The people at long last embraced the power of the masses and collectively engaged in political conversation on a range of issues – legal and political, in terms of corruption, rigged elections, restriction of free speech and police brutality; or economic, in terms of low wages, high unemployment, absolute poverty and food price inflation.

Weeks of protests and violent clashes between citizens and the police saw the resignation of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on the 11th of February. Mubarak turned power over to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, headed by Mohamed Tantawi, marking a day of great celebration and a feeling of triumph over corruption and injustice in Egypt.


Eco-socialism or capitalist catastrophe

“So many problems, so little time” has become the catch-phrase of environmental scientists in many academic circles. What’s more frustrating is the fact that the intellectual and monetary resources are available to solve the world’s major sustainability issues, but governments and institutions are prioritizing propping up failing banks and funding military campaigns.

Environmentalist David Bellamy sums it up nicely when saying; “Environmental scientists know how to solve all the major environmental problems of the world, but too many people are still making too much money from doing things the wrong way”.

What the capitalists, along with the submissive public and deleterious regimes which support this system of environmental abuse fail to understand is that the economy, held aloft in importance, is completely dependant on ecology and healthy ecosystems for survival.

Think about all the life-support systems that we rely on, without really having them on our conscious minds. The plants pro…

Bahraini student: “The more they kill, the more the protests grow”

Bahraini student: “The more they kill, the more the protests grow”

The following interview was recorded at Auckland University on 25 March 2011.

Could you explain a little bit about yourself and how your background?

I am from Bahrain, and came to study in New Zealand after I received a scholarship to study from our Government.

I am from one of the opposition villages. Opposition villages are a main point of resistance to the Government since the 1980s. Before the revolution there were protests in the centre of the village every night. This has been going on since the 1980s. Between 1994 and 2000 40 people died as part of an uprising against the monarchy.

The youth will go out each night, burn tyres and demand freedom of the prisoners and also for democratic reforms.

The police would come and fire tear gas and many of the men in my village would be arrested and jailed for protesting. Often the protests turned violent when protesters fought back.

Some of the protesters are only 17 years old w…

Auck Uni Forum: Capitalism and the Climate Crisis

Recommended reading is Eco-spcialism and capitalist catastrophe by Emmett Durso and Evo Morales's speech, 'Save the Planet from Capitalism'.

"Competition and the thirst for profit without limits of the capitalist system are destroying the planet. Under Capitalism we are not human beings but consumers. Under Capitalism Mother Earth does not exist, instead there are raw materials. Capitalism is the source of the asymmetries and imbalances in the world. It generates luxury, ostentation and waste for a few, while millions in the world die from hunger in the world. In the hands of capitalism everything becomes a commodity: the water, the soil, the human genome, the ancestral cultures, justice, ethics, death … and life itself. Everything, absolutely everything, can be bought and sold and under capitalism. And even “climate change” itself has become a business."
Evo Morales, President of Bolivia

Stop the NATO Bombing of Libya- Victory to the Arab Revolution.

‎"But presumably, once Gaddafi's been dealt with, these dictators will back a UN resolution to bomb themselves, declaring, "The international community can no longer sit back and watch me trample on my own people, so I must be stopped. I give myself three days to recognise the opposition and call elections, otherwise I will assist Nato in bombing myself."
Socialist Mark Steele in the British Independent Newspaper

Western military intervention in Libya is being sold to us as “humanitarian intervention” to defend the revolution. The uprising against Muammar Gaddafi’s brutal regime that began on 17 February remains an inspiration. Gaddafi responded with attacks on civilians, the aerial bombardment of demonstrations, mass round-ups and executions. This left many people in despair, and feeling that Western intervention was the only solution to save their lives.But the West’s interests are not those of the Libyan revolution. Western governments are not innocent or impartial…

Bradley Manning is a hero

“I want people to see the truth.” -Bradley Manning

For the past ten months, the United States government, in its pursuit of the Global War on Terror, has been keeping Bradley Manning under lock and key in preparation for his trial. Accused of leaking classified government information, the 23-year-old Private First Class is a viewed as a hero by advocates of government transparency, and as a threat to freedom by those defenders of established interests who like to fret about “National Security”.

In recent months, disturbing facts about the conditions of Manning’s detention have come to light. His lawyer alleges that Manning has been subject to 23-hour solitary confinement and made to undergo torture techniques such as forced nudity and sleep deprivation. Manning, held in custody at a Marine Corps base, poses no threat to any person, or even to any “National Security”. He has not been convicted of any crimes. Yet daily he has to endure this punishment at the hands of the American securit…

Saudi Arabia- Blood on Your Hands- Freedom for Bahrain!

Guardian's Martin Chulov: "The hub of Bahrain's uprising has been destroyed. Pearl Roundabout now a mess of soil & debri. Flags, tents - & maybe legacy - gone."

Global Peace and Justice Auckland and the Bahraini Community in New Zealand at the protest at the Saudi Cultural Consulate following the Saudi massacre of peaeceful protestors at Pearl ROundabout, and occupation of Bahrain by Saudi troops

video HERE and HERE

Solidarity with Bahrain's revolution- Saudi Troops Out!

Time18 March · 16:00 - 19:00 LocationFriday 4pm action- txt GPJA at 029 44 55 702, Saturday action- gather at Aotea Square at 2pm. March to Saudi Consulate. Created by:GPJA- Global Peace and Justice Auckland More infoThe peaceful protestors at the Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain have again been slaughtered. A month ago, it was by their own Government. Now, it is with the support of foreign Saudi troops.

On Friday 18th at 4pm, GPJA will take part in direct action.
On Saturday 19th at 2pm, we will gather in Aotea Square, to listen to members of the Bahraini Community and their supporters, before we march to the Saudi Consulate.

Saudi Troops Out.
Down with the Bahraini Junta.
Power to the People
Victory to the Bahraini Revolution.

more info at-

Eyewitness to Egypt revolution speaks at Auckland Uni

Kareem from Egypt discusses his experiences and views on the Egypt revolution at the Middle East Solidarity vigil in the Auckland University Quad.

AUSA debates Zionism as Exec overturns SJP Forum Solidarity

There was debate on Auckland University campus again today as students reacted to the AUSA Executive overturning a democratic vote to support last week's Freedom Forum. In the following video, the main arguments for and against are presented, and the debate deepens to examine the nature of the Zionist state in Israel. Many students are now calling for a Referendum to be held, to stop bureaucratic maneuvering on such an important issue of solidarity with those fighting oppression.

Muhamed Hassan from Egypt represents Students for Justice in Palestine

Gilad, from the Jewish Society, makes an unfortunate analogy about red heads

Ben Smith, AUSA International Affairs Officer, disagrees with his fellow Exec members overturning the democratic decision of the Student Forum, and gets a response from one of those involved.

Muhamed from SJP replies to the AUSA Exec's justifications

and after a camera power cut, Muhamed concludes his argument

Sam from the Jewish Society argues what the role o…

Critical Decisions Ahead for Hone Harawira

Commentary- John Minto

The poll results from Maori Televisions’ Native Affairs programme last night showing a third of Maori voters would consider voting for a Hone Harawira-led political party should not be a surprise to anyone.

Neither should it be surprising that on key issues Hone Harawira is driving (jobs, the rise in GST, tax cuts for the wealthy, and the sale of state-owned enterprises), a large majority of Maori voters are in tune with what he is saying.

It’s ironic that the foreshore and seabed is no longer such a dominant Maori concern. It was the raison-d’être of the Maori Party which was formed following the 15,000 strong hikoi to parliament in 2004, led of course by Hone Harawira, but is now being left behind by the bread and butter issues of everyday struggle.

In reality the foreshore and seabed was a lightning rod for other issues, most notably huge disaffection with government policies which saw working New Zealanders and their families fall further behind in the first fiv…

The Irish New Left Comes of Age

The five newly elected TDs of the United Left Alliance began their first day of the new Dail on the streets with the people. Richard Boyd-Barrett, Clare Daly, Seamus Healy, Joan Collins and Joe Higgins were joined by over two hundred supporters and well wishers as they assembled at the Central Bank and marched to Dail Eireann to take their seats.

Commentary: Sinead Kennedy, Irish SWP

One of the more eye-catching trends in last week’s General Election was the emergence of the radical left as a viable political force. The success of five candidates from the United Left Alliance was arguably the most significant expression of a radicalisation of the Irish electorate. Here Sinéad Kennedy examines the potential of the ULA and suggests that the recent electoral successes mark an historic opportunity for the advance of the Irish left.

In the end, it was a former Fianna Fáil candidate, Noel Whelan, who described it best: ‘Irish people rioted at the ballot box.’ After two years of crisis and…

Power - a poem from the solidarity vigil last night

A poem from the solidarity vigil held at Auckland University last night.

Video- Christchurch, Disaster Socialism and the Shock Doctrine

Socialist Aotearoa's Omar Hamed presents Naomi Klein's analysis of the Shock Doctrine, before examining how the National Party Government in New Zealand attempts to ram through attacks on the poor following the earthquake in Christchurch. Concluding, Joe Carolan presents a three point plan for resisting the Shock Doctrine in Aotearoa today.

Disaster Socialism or Shock Doctrine

Disaster socialism

1. The amazing response by the people of Christchurch to start co-operatively organising the rescue efforts, food and water provisions and the pooling of community resources even in the absence of “law and order” has been amazing.
2. One community collective of anarchists, Beyond Resistance, in the working class Christchurch East suburbs has been, “Using cars, bikes or on foot, they have managed to take prepared food and water out to those in need. Often they are the first contact with the outside world for Christchurch East residents, and their efforts have been very appreciated. Bottled…

Skycity Lockout defeated by Picket Lines

Video of the picket lines that forced Skycity management to stop its Lockout of Union Workers in Auckland's Casino site.

Radio : Skycity Lockout on Bfm

Libyan revolutionaries speak out: ‘The West’s war machine won’t help us win’

by Ken Olende and Simon AssafIntervention will strengthen Colonel Gaddafi “We are against any foreign intervention or military intervention in our internal affairs,” said Abdel-Hafidh Ghoga in Libya’s second city Benghazi last Sunday.“This revolution will be completed by our people with the liberation of the rest of Libyan ­territory.”He was speaking at a press conference to explain how the national revolutionary council is attempting to co-ordinate the rebel cities and administrate daily life. The revolution looks close to defeating a dictatorship that had until recently appeared unstoppable. Colonel Gaddafi’s 41-year old regime now only controls the area around the capital Tripoli.Gaddafi’s response has been brutal. The regime has opened fire on unarmed demonstrations with machine guns and rockets.It has used fighter jets against protests. Thousands may have died in the attempted crackdown. Western intervention would be a disaster. The rebels still have the initiative, and the…

Where now for Egypt's Revolution?

Al Jazeera interviews Hossam al-Hamalawy from the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt

SA Forum on Christchurch- Shock doctrine versus Disaster socialism

Socialist Aotearoa Forum:

"After the Christchurch Quake - Shock doctrine versus Disaster socialism"

The people of Christchurch are organising their own forms of mutual aid and co-operation after the quake while the politicians and corporations hover like vultures attempting to profit from the disaster.
Come along and discuss the situation in Christchurch after a panel of speakers on what the political fallout is from the earthquake.


In the aftermath of the terrible disaster of the Christchurch earthquake two things have happened.

On the ground after the quake ordinary people got busy as soon as the earthquake hit, helping each other out, sharing what they had and co-operating to make sure neighbours and strangers had food, shelter and medical assistance. This is what some have labelled 'disaster socialism'.

Yet this form of 'disaster socialism' is completely at odds with John Key's plans to push through massive social and economic reengineeri…

The Sirocco of Revolution fills the sails of Auckland's Quad

Student leaders, enraged by Zionist maneuvers against a Freedom Forum on the Middle Eastern Revolutions, fight for and win official AUSA support and solidarity for the struggles in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and Palestine. Watch the video here.

Come to the Freedom Forum on
Revolutions and Democracy in the Middle East
630pm Friday March 11th
Lecture Hall b28,
Library Basement,
University of Auckland

organised by Students for Justice in Palestine