Anticapitalist July 18 - Nats are Rats, struggles against the ECA and more

Latest issue of Anti-capitalist. About 200 of these were dished out at the protests this morning against the National Party conference.

Download the PDF below for articles on a history of unions and the Employment Contracts Act, the need for a rank and file network and Where is John Key taking New Zealand?. Print them out and dish them around!

Reports have it that the section on the rank'n'file network is inspiring a bit of creative thinking amongst the union movement in Auckland.

Keep an eye on as we follow up our anti-capitalist, with more detailed articles on the union movement, rank and file networks and the need for a working class fightback.

Download PDF Anticapitalist July 18

Update: Just for the record and to spare the confusion, 'They are rich because we are poor' is from LibCom's excellent Intro to Lib Communism.