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Swine Flu, Pandemics and Capitalism

The headlines have been apocalyptic – a new outbreak of swine flu is in danger of engulfing the world. There are indeed reasons for concern. Normal seasonal type-A influenzas kill as many one million people a year globally. Even a modest increase in virulence, especially if combined with high incidence, could cause huge problems across the world.The most lethal flu outbreak to date was in 1918-19. It killed more than 2 percent of humanity (40 to 50 million people) in a single winter.The development of a swine flu that can be passed between humans was predictable. Influenza constantly changes and mutates to create new strains. There have already been several incidents of flu strains jumping species and unleashing a virulent pandemic. Both the 1957 and 1968 flu pandemics are believed to have originated from the mixing of bird and human viruses inside pigs.Concentrated poverty is one of the most important issues in what happens to a flu outbreak – how it is spread and who it hits. Twent…

May Day, Workers Day- Migrants and Refugees Welcome Here

Join Socialist Aotearoa and the Red Bloc this Mayday
5.30 pm, Britomart, Friday May 1st.

Higher wages, lower prices
We won't pay for their Crisis-

Let the Bosses Take the Losses.

International Solidarity-
Freedom for Palestine,
Freedom for Tamil Eelam.

No Borders, No Frontiers,
Migrants, Refugees welcome here.

Unemployment and inflation, are not caused by immigration-
Bullshit- come off it! The enemy is profit!

Oh, anti, anti capitalista-
overthrow the system,
revolution socialista.

Murdered Kiwi Socialist Blair Peach- 30th Anniversary

Auckland's Bfm interview with Joe Carolan on
Blair Peach's Life and Death

Thursday night marks the 30th anniversary of the murder of Kiwi socialist and anti-racist Blair Peach at the hands of the British Police. We're asking everyone to make a special effort to come to his memorial and celebrate the struggle against racism and fascism, which Blair paid for with his life.

Print out a poster and put it up-

Invite all you friends thru the facebook event-

or see you in TOM FORDEs BAR,
122 ANZAC AVENUE, this THURSDAY from 8pm
(wear your anti racist colours!)

Socialist Aotearoa


Our teacher Blair
Had tousled old hair

Big brown eyes
An enormous size

And they smiled when he walked
And they smiled when he talked

And whenever he stammered
His love only hammered

Our teacher Blair
He was always fair

Black white or b…


* Rangimarie- Media Release, 17th April 2009
Declaration Of Intent – He Taki Tapu

Since Governor Hobson took up the offer to come to Tamaki, Maori has shown goodwill.

Over decades and centuries we have tried very hard through the likes of Paora Tuhaere to be part of the governance structure of Auckland in a way that is positive for all people.

It therefore saddens us to be sitting here today once again detailing the disregard a Government has shown Maori. We had thought those days were well and truly over. The relationships we have worked hard to build with local councils and central government are important to us. Therefore it is disheartening to have to once again go back to battle for things that are so simple, so positive and so forward looking.

We participated in the Royal Commission process as did many, many others. The results were delivered and then disregarded. That sounds like
Aotearoa/New Zealand of the past. But while we are disheartened, and saddened that does not mean we wi…

New Zealand Trade Unionists Discuss, Defend Migrant Workers’ Rights

By Roger Annis
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND—More than 75 trade union and political activists gathered here on April 7 for a public forum on migrant workers rights in New Zealand. It was a spirited meeting with a panel of speakers arguing why the trade union movement in New Zealand should mobilize to defend the rights of migrant workers whose status and rights are coming under attack as unemployment rises.

Last year, 188,000 foreign workers received permits to live and work in New Zealand. Most are for temporary stays, but extensions are accorded. The newly-elected National government says it will review the whole program. The April 6 New Zealand Herald reports that Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman wants to end the granting of temporary permits as well as renewals for current holders.

The meeting was chaired by the National Director of the 8,000-member Unite union, Mike Treen. The first speaker he introduced was Dennis Maga of Migrante Aotearoa, a trade union-supported project that actively…

Fundraiser in Solidarity with Locked Out Synovate Workers- Matewan screening this Thursday 8pm

Solidarity- Film Fundraiser for Locked Out Synovate WorkersMatewan- the greatest union movie ever made, to raise money for the Call Cntre workers Host:Socialist Aotearoa Type:Causes - Fundraiser Network:Global Date:Thursday, April 16, 2009 Time:8:00pm - 11:00pm Location:Tom Fordes Bar Street:122 Anzac Avenue City/Town:Auckland, New Zealand
View Map Google MapQuest Microsoft Yahoo Phone:0211861450 Description"Matewan is a heartfelt, straight-ahead tale of labor organizing in the coal mines of West Virginia in 1920 that runs its course like a train coming down the track. Among the memorable characters is Joe Kenehan (Chris Cooper), a young union organizer who comes to Matewan to buck the bosses. With his strong face and Harrison Ford good-looks, Cooper gives the film its heartbeat...Most notable of the black workers is 'Few Clothes' Johnson (James Earl Jones), a burly good-natured man with a powerful presence and a quick smile. Jones' performance practica…

CRACKDOWN IN THAILAND- Exiled Socialist speaks

No to the State of Emergency- No to the Military Crack-down-
Return Thailand to Democracy Now !

Giles Ji Ungpakorn and Watana Ebbage, on behalf of Thai Red U.K.

Thai Red U.K., the association of Redshirts in Britain, condemns the declaration of a State of Emergency by the illegitimate government of Abhisit Vejjajiva. We condemn the Military’s use of tanks and live ammunition against protestors. We say no to another coup. We also condemn the arrest of Redshirt leaders and demand that all of them be released. We are concerned by the creation, by pro-government politicians, such as Newin Chitchorp, of armed Blueshirted thugs, who have attacked pro-democracy demonstrators. The government should resign immediately to allow genuine democratic elections to be held as a matter of urgency. This would be a first step in allowing for a peaceful resolution of the long-running crisis.

Why the Redshirts are not merely a mirror image of the Yellowshirt Royalists
It is tempting for those watching the Th…

Bad Friday for Crucified Call Centre Workers- what side would Jesus be on, Synovate?

Author- Workers Solidarity, via Indymedia Aotearoa
Call centre workers at Synovate in South Auckland were today locked out by their employer. The workers had been negotiating for secure hours and a pay rise of a dollar when they received word by text last night that they would not be allowed to come back to work.

Upon arriving at the call center this morning union members found the front door padlocked shut by the company and a notice telling their non union workers to sneak in by the back door. In response to this attempt to use scab labour, Union officials and members added their own locks to the front door and used cars and locks to block all other entrances to the building. This effectively locked the bosses inside for two hours until the union allowed one car to be moved to allow delegates to enter the building to continue the negotiations.
Unite Union Secretary Matt McCarten told assembled workers that he had dressed in a warm coat and had a razor in his pocket so he could shave…