Saturday, February 21, 2009

WE WON'T PAY FOR THEIR CRISIS! Protest Key's Crisis Summit this Friday Feb 27 from 4-6pm,

New Zealand is heading towards a major slump in employment as the effects of the Global Crisis begin to take hold. 70,000 jobs are expected to be lost this year- workers at TVNZ, Irwin Industrial Tools and Fisher and Paykel are already in the front line. John Key's response is to call a Crisis Summit with the leading players in NZ Capitalism. Union leaders have also been invited.

Anti capitalists will be gathering outside, however.
Socialist Aotearoa blog editor Joe Carolan says-
"We don't believe that unions and the bosses have common interests. We believe it is the bosses, bankers and speculators like John Key who have created this mess, both globally and domestically. As the crisis in capitalism deepens in countries such as Iceland, Ireland and France, we have seen a powerful people's movement take to the streets and push the unions to launch mass strikes to defend workers conditions"

"We're warning the Business Class of New Zealand that if they attempt to attack our working conditions here, they will trigger the same kind of resistance. We're warning the Union bosses to sell out and compromise at their peril. We're raising a red flag of anger outside this talkfest to show that we're sick of low pay, job losses and a morally discredited economic system that puts profits before people. We won't pay for their Crisis!"

this Friday Feb 27 from 4pm till 6pm,
TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre,
770 Great South Road, Manakau.

Summit programme HERE.
Contact Joe at 021 1861450

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